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The Story Law Firm was started with one goal in mind; serve the clients fast, affordably, and with great advocacy. When Travis W. Story graduated law school, he wanted to practice in one place – Northwest Arkansas. Thus the Story Law Firm was born. Since 2009, our firm has represented some of the most influential people in the region, earning the trust and respect of the “big law firms,” who quickly realized that even though we might be a small law firm, as a zealous advocate, we could compete with large teams of lawyers billing thousands of dollars an hour. You see, we quickly realized that the old way of practicing law was not the best way in the new economy. Today’s lawyers need to be able to move fast, get projects done, answer and return phone calls and emails in a timely fashion. These ideas are lost on “big firms” because they are focused on billable hours, not customer service. Our goal at the Story Law Firm is to be the best small firm in the area and be known for great customer service, because we are only as good as our communication. We are not a solo firm trying to do it all, but through our team of attorneys and staff, we want to provide our clients with the most economical and best representation they can get from a Northwest Arkansas attorney.


What does this mean?

Being a small firm, we have to work hard to keep up with our clients, return phone calls and emails, and be there when you need us, so we do not have time to “review” or “churn” files just so we can keep our billable hours up. We only bill for what we actually do, and we do not do anything that is not necessary to be the best advocate we can be for you!


How are we different?

When you work with an experienced attorney from the Story Law Firm, you are working with someone who wants to take your case on and “live your case” with you. You are not just a number; you are a client. We care about the results and we will not rest until we can help as much as possible. You get personal representation, not just someone who calls your name out at court where you meet for the first time. We know our clients and our clients know us.


How can we help?

This is always our core question – we want to know what the best result is for you, not what the best result is for the firm. Do not get caught up with a firm that is more worried about their bottom line than your outcome. Our experienced attorneys want to provide advice and representation that is best for you, not our law firm. We have been in meetings with clients and said numerous times, “This may not be the best answer for our firm, but it is the best result for you.” Our clients come first, regardless of the type of help needed; Arkansas Bankruptcy, Contract Negotiation, Collection from your clients, or Commercial Litigation, just to name a few.

We, at the Story Law Firm, PLLC, want to represent you in your greatest moment of need and walk with you through the legal process.

-Story Law Firm, PLLC

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