How to form Arkansas LLC

Looking at forming and Arkansas LLC for your small business? Great! The Story Law Firm is here to help. We help hundreds of businesses legally form their LLCs every year. An Arkansas LLC is a separate entity in which you first file for a business name with the state Secretary of State’s office. Once formed, this will give you a disregarded entity, meaning a legally separate person, which you can obtain a separate EI in number or tax ID number for the business. This allows you to start your very own bank account under the business name and you can contract under the business name as well. A limited liability company or LLC is just what it sounds like it limits the liability exposure of any work that the company does or contracts that the company signs to the assets within the LLC. This is a great way to protect your personal family assets because having a lawsuit filed against the LLC means that the lawsuit is not filed against you individually this has several advantages such as item 1 your name would not be in the court records because it’s the name of the LLC to any judgments or findings of wrongdoing would be in the name of the LLC and not attached to your personal name three if you are exposed to any liability or judgment amounts those would be owed by the LLC and not by you individually don’t form and Arkansas LLC on your around the use of an attorney is vital to ensure that everything is done correctly and that you have someone who can give you the advice you need to successfully form your Arkansas LLC.

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