Property Law

Property Law

Our Property is one of our greatest investments, and one of our greatest rights. Protect your rights and investments by allowing the experienced Arkansas Property Law attorneys help you with your needs. Residential or commercial, we can help you with it all. There is no small legal issue when it comes to your property – we understand this, and we can help from the smallest issue to a large problem, contact us today, or click on one of the more individualized practice areas below to see how the Story Law Firm, PLLC can help you with your Property Law needs.

Real Estate Home

Residential Real Estate

Owning a home can lead to legal questions: boundary disputes, title issues, problems with your property/home owners association. All these issues can lead to your needing Legal Representation. We are experienced Arkansas Property Lawyers, let us help.

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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real Estate can be a great investment, but can require legal assistance when you are buying, selling or negotiating a lease. When you enter into the world of Commercial Real Estate, you are often interacting with very knowledgeable individuals or companies on the other side of the transaction. This is when you need legal assistance to assure the transaction can be satisfactorily completed. If you need help, contact us today.

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Rental Property Ownership

Do you want to engage in rental property ownership? If so, do it with the help of our experienced small business and property law attorneys, and let us show you how to protect your investment and your other assets.

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Unlawful Detainer

If you own rental property, you know that having tenants that do not pay in full or on time can be detrimental to your rental business. In Arkansas, there is not an action for Eviction; instead, we use the Unlawful Detainer action. If you have a tenant not paying all they owe, when they owe. Contact us today.

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1031 Tax Differed Exchanges

A little known tax code can save you from paying taxes now by deferring that tax. All that is required when you sell your property, is to identify and close on replacement property. Let our experienced property law lawyers help you with your 1031 exchange today.

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Property/Home Owners Association

If you are a board member for your neighborhood Property Owners Association (“POA”) or Home Homeowners Association (“HOA”) and are looking for assistance in managing your POA or HOA, the Story Law Firm can help.

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