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Arkansas’ unlawful detainer statute provides a landlord friendly method to retake possession of your property when the tenants are not paying. The process starts with a Complaint for Unlawful Detainer which is served to those in possession of your property. After they have been served, they have only five (5) days to exit the house, or they must post a bond with the Court for the amount outstanding. Most tenants will not post a bond, since if they could afford to pay the rent, you would not be taking the Unlawful Detainer action. If they do not post the bond amount within the five day time period, the Sheriff will assist us in ensuring the tenants leave the residence, or if they are not there, allow us to change the locks and garage door code. After you have retaken possession, damages can be assessed and then we can pursue a judgment for the amount of rent, late fees, damages, and attorney fees owed to you, and obtain a judgment so that we can collect upon the judgment.

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