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Probate is simply the legal process of passing property to another after one dies. This can be done either by the deceased person having a Last Will and Testament, or can be done by operation of law when the person dies without a will, also known as dying intestate. Either way, you need an experienced Arkansas Probate attorney to guide you through these steps.

A typical probate involves qualifying your executor/executrix and having the court recognize and authorize them to dispose of the property in the estate as stated in the will. This can be time consuming and difficult, but once done, the real work begins. The process of disposing of a loved ones possession can be difficult, you first have to find the heirs and then you have to find the property they are entitled to, and while this can be time consuming and difficult, with proper planning this process can be accomplished. Typically, we will help the executor or executrix file the proper documents to be appointed as the personal representative of the estate, and once they have been named the personal representative, we will guide them through the process of distributing the assets, filing any needed approvals to sell property such as a house or car, and assist the personal representative with retitling property to the heirs of the estate. This process can be time consuming, and will not be short, but the Story Law Firm, PLLC can assist you as you walk through all the details and help you probate your love ones estate.

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