Last Will & Testament

Last Will and Testiment

You need a Last Will & Testament. There are two ways to pass on your property to your heirs:


1. You can die intestate, which is when you die without making a Last Will & Testament. When you die intestate the Probate Court Judge applies the default Arkansas law, which can have some very strange results. For example, let’s say one spouse purchased the house prior to marriage, and after they were married, they had one child. If one of the spouses dies prior to the three years of marriage, then the child would be the owner of the house, and the spouse would get nothing. This would be the ruling of the court; even if it makes no common sense. This is why making a Last Will & Testament is so important.

Last Will and Testament

2. When you die with a Last Will & Testament, this directs the Probate Court as to what your last wishes were, and those wishes are substituted over the default Arkansas Law. Because Arkansas Law is unique, or some might call it antiquated, very bad results can come from dying intestate. Remember, you are doing this for your family, your spouse, your children, or even your pet. Absent clear written direction from you, the Court will apply the default Arkansas intestate laws, and without a Last Will & Testament, your family could be stuck with an intolerable outcome. The choice of an Arkansas Attorney to help prepare your Last Will & Testament is an important one. You want someone who understands more than just filling out forms. No online website is going to be as effective as an Arkansas Attorney who understands your concerns, and more importantly understands the law.

Do not let another day pass without contacting one of our Arkansas Attorney’s so that we can prepare your Last Will & Testament, and the remaining documents, so you can be confident in your plan. Show your family you care by taking the responsibility to prepare your Last Will & Testament.

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