Rental Lease Agreement


Arkansas Lease Agreements for Rental Properties

Do you need an Arkansas Lease Agreement for Rental Properties?

We want to help you form the best Arkansas Lease Agreement for Rental Properties. If you want to maximize your current property, we can help you turn your current house into a rental property that can generate income while offering you the best protection as a renter.

Forming an Arkansas, LLC is the best place to start when you want to create a rental property. By putting your rental property into an LLC, you are maximizing your personal protection and assets. That way anything that happens inside of the rental property or contract will not affect your personal assets.

We will help you create a rental agreement for your tenants to sign so you will have the maximum protection as a renter.

Unlawful Detainer


By creating a lease agreement for your rental property, you are protected in the event of unpaid rent or unlawful occupancy by the renter. In Arkansas, we have an unlawful detainer statute that we will use in the event that a renter needs to be evicted.

If issues arise with your tenants or your lease agreement is broken, we can step in and help you remove the unlawful tenants and re-rent your property fast, often within 10 to 15 days. This is a process that can get messy and take too long if you do not have the proper protection in place.

Here at the Story Law Firm, we want to help you draft your lease agreements in an understandable way and protect your rental properties in the best manner possible. We specialize in helping homeowners securely rent their house or rental property so you have the best protection as a renter and can rest securely in the event of unexpected circumstances.

Properly forming your Arkansas Lease Agreement is important if you are counting on the rental property to generate income.

We want to help you with the entire process of forming your Arkansas, LLC, transferring your property to the LLC, and setting up proper lease agreements within your LLC.

Here is more information about forming your Arkansas Lease Agreement for Rental Properties. You can also find more about How to Form Your Arkansas, LLC.

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